Gernot Glander

Diplom-Ingenieur, Pädagoge

My consulting focus
  • ReflACTION®: Executive and junior manager development
  • Organisational Development (OD) processes (e.g. change in management culture, implementing team work)
  • Personnel Development (PD) processes (e.g. personnel planning, employee meetings, goal setting, competencies development)
My professional background
  • Studied Educational Theory and Mechanical Engineering at Braunschweig University of Technology and the Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences
  • Held various posts at: Volkswagen, including at the Braunschweig production plant; Coaching GmbH, Management Development; VW – Consulting; PD-/OD Manager at AUTO5000GmbH; PD Manager at Wolfsburg plant; member of the management team
  • PE-Solution: Consultant since 2012
My qualifications

Advanced training course involving systemic transactional analysis methods, change management methods, EFQM-Assessor Training and DGQ-(specialist-)Auditor, ReflACTION®-Consultant

My consulting approach

During the course of my long professional career I have witnessed internal and external viewpoints, which means I am very quickly able understand a wide range of organisations. I am just as comfortable working with business and public organisations. In order to understand and purposefully influence a company’s behavioural and communication norms, it is always useful to maintain an overall view of the system. I always consider my work with a client as being an interaction between professional partners.