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Welcome to PE-Solution!

PE-Solution is an independent psychological consultancy. We assess, develop and accompany individuals, teams and organisations.

Our team mostly consists of certified psychologists and two certified educationalists with many years of professional experience and a broad range of further training. We provide competent support for all your projects.

Our procedures are always individually adjusted to our customers' needs. We do not provide standard measures, trainings or Assessment Centres "off the rack".

We serve very different types of clients: big DAX-companies, medium-sized businesses and the public sector. You will profit from our versatile experience in many different domains.

During the last few years, we have expanded substantially. With 29 consultants involved in projects, we have achieved a considerable size. We are probably the largest team of psychologists with the core competency of HR assessment in all of Germany.

We implement both small and large-scale projects. Lately, we have been requested more often for the management of larger projects. Within three weeks, we have been able to successfully conduct a project of the highest standard with 900 participants in individual Assessment Centres. On an international level, our projects are also becoming more long-term and complex. However, we still complete a substantial number of small-scale contracts on a regular basis, individually supporting our customers according to their specific needs.

Among our consulting services you will find all essential products of personnel and organisational development: from Assessment Centres to PE-Service.

Frankfurter Straße 3A
D-38122 Braunschweig
Fon: +49 531 120 456 789
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